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The Secret

Done-SmokingHello, and thank you for being here!  Just the simple fact that you made it this far (into this site that is) gives me faith that you are not here on accident, and are on the right path!  This whole process, and discovery,  began when my (pack a day, lifelong smoker) father passed away just six days after my first son was born.  We had tickets for him to fly out to see us ten days after he was born.  He missed holding his only grandchild... by four days.  I was not going to follow that same path!

Now I am not here to preach to you about the evils of smoking or why you should quit smoking (by now I am sure you already know) and, this is not just another sad 'wish he quit smoking' story.  This is about me helping you to help yourself, the same way I helped myself. Help to be there for the people in your life.  How many people would be super proud of you, simply for taking this very first step?  This is about helping you calmly quit smoking. You can't do it on hope alone, it takes having... A Simple (and Painless) Step by Step Plan!!

Life (Your Life), is about the present and the future.  The past, as they say, is in the past.  With that in mind, I foused on why we have such a hard time ignoring the constant thought of stepping out for 'that last one'. The urge was the key.  So, I started with what didn't work, and what had to be!!     binky check   Straight up Cold Turkey...  (for the 6th time) doesn't work
    binky check   Patches and Pills...  One vice for yet another
    binky check   Gum...  Like I am going to chew gum from now on
    binky check   Procrastination & Denial...   Hey, it's worked great so far!
    binky check   The process for me had to be quick and easy
    binky check   Suffering was simply not an option
    binky check   The smoking habit had to be over peacefully
    binky check   I didn't trust (nor did I want to hear) advice from friends and family
    binky check   Lastly, it was important that in the end I had to be Happy and Proud of Myself!

The Discovery of a Little Known Secret

From that day forward, I was on a mission!  I evaluated, and even tried, almost every method possible.  Success always seemed to be short lived. Completely unrelated to smoking (and in a very strange turn of events), we discovered an awesome method to calmly wean our child off of his deeply addicted pacifier habit. Guess what...  It Worked Beautifully!   No kidding, no pain, no fuss and 5 days later and he completely gave it up on his own will (this is a 3 year old mind you). I was completely blown away!!

So, what does this have to do with smoking?? You see, my child reached for his pacifier, which he was clearly addicted to, just as if it were a cigarette.  He needed it when he woke in the morning, throughout the day, and again at night.  It was addictively pleasurable to him. He threw an absolute fit when he wanted it (needed it), but didn't have it.  How familiar does this sound??  So I thought, 'What if I applied the very same principals, to a smoking habit?'

Oh No Guess what...  It Worked Beautifully, Again!!   With additional research, we perfected, and documented the process (as well as why it works so well). Everyone whom I had shared this with had the exact same experience... A calm and peacefull end to what seemed to be an endless smoking habit. was born out of hearing so many of our friends and family rave about their own successes.

Let's get right to the point

With 3 simple steps, you too will end up completely loosing the urge to smoke... 100% Guaranteed!    It will happen naturally, unconsciously and best of all, calmly. It is a simple as that. Everyone we have shared this with has had the exact same experience.  This is not a gimmick. The method is simple and painless... and the bottom line is that it truly works!

'Three Steps to Freedom'  is a simple step by step process that is easy to follow and is painless (that is a promise)!  Your urges will no longer exist. No urge, no smoke! It is also the least expensive program you will ever run in to (less that the cost of two packs of cigarettes!).

This method is so successful that people are constantly compelled to share their stories, which is awesome for us.  See what others are saying
about their personal successes below (this is a small sample, but the theme is always the same). 

Side Note:  In the 8+ years that we have been sharing this method, we have never had a single negative email response; not even one! Good Stuff All of the testimonials we receive truly warm our hearts. Whether it is a success story or question, we also personally respond to every email we receive, so drop us a note on how well this has worked for you! 

A few of the many emails we receive.


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You have only that Ball & Chain to lose!     

"Three Steps to Freedom"

If Not Now... Then When? 

Yes If you are ready to actually quit for good, there is no better time than now to take action.  For less than ten dollars (less than the price of two packs!), you too can be on your way to a pleasurable, yes pleasurable, way to stop smoking for good!  Simply stated, this works....  Don't be fooled by thinking that this is not a good time.  There is never a good time to start.  Days turn to weeks, which turn to years.   Make today the day!

We are so confident that you will rave about "Three Steps to Freedom" to your friends, that we are willing to offer a 100%, 
No hassle, No questions asked Full Refund Guarantee!   If for ANY reason at all, you are not completely satisfied with either the results, or the method, keep the materials, contact us with a call or email, (you don't even have to have an explanation), and we will promptly refund your money.
This is our Promise, our Confidence and our Commitment to Your Results.

For a short time, we are also offering a Bonus Report:   'Health After Smoking'

Order today and we will also include our popular publication, 'Health After Smoking'.  This publication is aimed at helping the 'New Non-Smoker' improve their health, including keeping the weight off.  Reverse the damage that has been done to the body from years of smoking.  Health After Smoking will soon be sold as its very own download.  Order Three Steps to Freedom today and you will also get  Health After Smoking... for FREE!

Yes YES, I am ready to Calmly Kick My Smoking Habit!
I am also ready to take the first step by instantly downloading
'Three Steps to Freedom!'  (plus the bonus of 'Health After Smoking')
... all for the valued price of only $27.99.

Discounted Price of... Only $19.97    (that isn't even twenty bucks!)

For less than the price of four packs of cigarettes
you too can be on the fast track to a Healthier & Happier Life!!

Passing it Forward

About Us

Thank You again for both stopping by!  Anna and I are Blessed parents of two young, active boys here in San Ramon, California. And YES, this method works as I am a Non-Smoker!! Please feel free to reach out to us should you have any comments, questions, or if you would simply like to share your experience (which is the best part for us).  We will personally respond to every email, and never use your address for anything but responding back to you. 

Please, also 'pass it forward' to others, by referring this site to your friends.  Another way to help, is to share the website along with your success experiences with others in any blog or social sites that you might be a part of.  You can also click here to email this page to a friend!  These are simple ways that you too can participate in helping others. Lastly, as not to forget, feel free to click here to add to your Favorites! Truly wishing you, and your family, Peace and Love in your lives.

God Bless,

Smart Move


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